Even after so many crisis, it’s impressing, still the best paid products, in the developed countries are those with earning promises! Like stocks or consulting services and other that kind. Maybe because, still, anyone wants to become rich! But did any of those products made ever anyone rich?

Tell me how many people do you know, who become rich investing in any financial product, like stocks or Forex or other that kind.

I don’t know anyone, but I know a few who tried and failed. Elder Alexander on his book “trading for a living” write about some real people, who believed they could live their life just trading stocks.

Stocks or Forex and other financial products for a man are what for a woman are the skin care and cosmetics products. Skin care products do sell hope for an endless beauty. And stockbrokers sell hope for fast wealth!

How could somebody use that kind of products in his own favor?


Stock Market, first contact

I first learned about stock market and its opportunities in Hong Kong, where I arrived with just some money dreaming to start a new life in Asia!

I was obligated to understand the “game”, enter it and get a living with. Of course, I have had support, I could not survive without some good friends which helped me with a place to stay and support me on my first steps, but for my income, I had to fight by myself. I had to understand the stock market and use it as my first income.

If I wanted that time to become rich? I did so, but unfortunately there wasn’t space for that kind of dream. I needed to find a way to survive in a new place with a very popular stock market!

Even if I arrived to ensure a modest income, stock market wasn’t the activity who did win my living in Asia, along side I had to run a business to keep me alive, and guess what, I made my living selling skin care products!!!

But stock market did save my life on the beginning. How did happen. I invest in stock market but I did not set my targets over my living requirements.


Life as a stock investor

The situation wasn’t as ideal as it looks like. I had to be very careful, there was no space for mistakes. The allowance of lose was near to 0.

A very stressful period. I had every day to analyze careful the market, listen to analysts, decide wisely and learn as more as I could, I needed more than 24 hours per day to do all of it. In these conditions I needed another way to earn money and use my free time to learn investing in the right way, so I did.

Evangelos Trimmis, 
Member of the German Federation of Technical Analysis (VTAD)


The method